About DigitalTO – Website development company

DigitalTO – Canadian web development company focused on digital marketing for small businesses.

DigitalTO team consists just of two professionals, which allows us to be extremely focused on every project and keep our costs low.
For more than 4 years we have been building user-friendly websites… But before that, we had e-commerce business back in Russia. This experience plus many years of digital marketing help us to understand the needs of the small business from inside.

Our goal is to create great websites – a superb business tool to grow any business.

Being small digital marketing company gives us room for flexibility and allow us to be agile with our clients. Sometimes clients don’t know exactly what they need from their website, and they need a consultation or just advice on what would work for their business. digital is the right place to go for answers.

  • We will learn what your business is about.
  • We will propose different solutions and explain it’s pros and cons
  • We will create a website with only required features and will not charge for anything you don’t need.

The growth of internet industry in Canada and high prices of digital marketing companies created a gap between small businesses, like auto part stores, health centers, home-based professionals and many others and their potential younger audience. This gap should be closed by DigitalTO company.


We are small and smart, so we keep our prices low.


We dive into details of your business to properly reflect it online.


We complete our work in a professional manner to satisfy every our client.

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