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Have an old website that needs an update?

Your business has a website, but it doesn’t bring the value that you hoped for. You have no call from it and it’s hard to find you online… DigitalTO team to analyze and propose options on how to the website, so your business would have a better online presence and bring new clients.

Most common issues of websites are bad navigation, the absence of mobile optimization, lack of engaging content (including photos), SEO, plus technical issues (broken links, missing titles, poor optimization, etc.

What's included:

  • Website audit

    We will make a precise analysis of your website to identify existing problems and errors. Based on that we will create an action plan to fix every discovered problem.

  • Website Redesign

    We will update the design to meet latest standards to make it clear and easy to read for your clients. That will improve clients response rate and their understanding of your business.

  • Internal SEO

    We know how SEO is important for a website ranking, and we will make a complete on-site SEO update of the website including keyword analysis, meta tags, titles and headings, content update, interlinking, etc. SEO makes your website content more understandable for search engines so they can “decide” whether it deserves to be shown at the top of the search results.

  • Content Marketing

    We will update your existing texts and write new ones using the latest copyrighting requirements and trends. If needed, we will also add photos, images and graphic elements on the website. To attract and stimulate your potential clients it is important to have a valuable and up-to-date content on your website.

  • Mobile Optimization

    We will optimize your website for mobile devices. Depending on how your website was made, this can be done by different methods. Any website should be easy to read and navigate form mobile devices, otherwise, users will just skip it.

  • Basic external SEO

    DigitalTO will create profiles of your company on the most relevant digital resources: Maps (Google, Bing, apps, etc.), Directories (Yellow pages, Yelp, Foursquare, Yahoo, etc.), Social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, etc.), Custom platforms (Local business associations, Community hubs, etc.), General platforms (Government databases, Blogs, News, etc.)

Also included

  • Logo design
  • Business place photoshoot
  • Domain name (1 year)
  • Hosting (1 year)

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If a business website does not work properly, it may look like the whole online presence is a total waste of time and money, as it doesn’t bring clients. But it is false, the internet is where all of your clients spend time and look for products and services.

We are here to bring back your website back on track. Deep analysis of your website will let us identify its weaknesses, create a strategy to fix them and improve your digital presence. As a result, you will get a user-friendly, attractive website which will help to get new clients for the business.

“Three out of four Canadians own smartphones and 49 percent of Canadians’ time online is now spent on mobile” reports comScore.

Improve your website with DigitalTO

We will make sure that your website meets your client’s expectations.