How to create a website for business?

4 paths to better digital presence.

It’s not a secret that today in Canada almost every person has access to the Internet; they use it for work, studies or simply to find something they need… And here lays the need of a website for any business, who wants its potential clients to find services and goods offered by it. This means that having a website for the business is not something optional today; it’s an absolute necessity.

A website introduces your company to the Internet users and lets them study its offers, to interact and review it. Clients will make a decision whether the services you provide will meet their expectation of quality and price.

Generally, there are four ways to build a website for the company. They differ by cost, time and quality of the result.

Digital Marketing Agency

The first and one of the most popular options is to hire a digital agency that will do the job for you. This option is very lucrative but it has a lot of hidden risks.

The majority of digital agencies would be glad to use their resources to create a website for you, but they also have a lot of expenses. So they charge you as much as they can even for things small businesses usually do not need.


  • No need to dig deep and learn everything about the process. Agency will do everything for you and will keep supporting your website if needed (for an extra charge of course).
  • Good option to save time. Usually, the agency creates a website very fast. Unless they will try to create something unique or would see an opportunity to cow your business a bit longer.


  • High price and burdening monthly subscriptions. Overpriced services are very common in the digital industry, though the large part of the work is done automatically.
  • Dependence on the agency’s support. Some agencies use uncommon CMS to build a website, that can make it difficult to switch to another agency or a freelancer.

Friend / Freelancer

The second option is to hire a freelancer or to ask a tech-savvy friend to create a website for you. There are plenty of freelance websites (, and many more).

It is usually much cheaper or free, but it can be a very long path with no light at the end of the tunnel. A friend might be not that savvy and freelancers can disappear after a while and do not want to understand the real needs of your business.


  • Cost efficiency. If you are lucky to find a great young developer who is looking for a project that will help him to build a portfolio – your work would cost pennies.
  • Convenience. Good freelancers work outside of standard working hours and are willing to meet you halfway to fulfill your business’s needs.


  • Instability. Not all freelancers are reliable, some of them tend to disappear without finishing their job (sometimes with your money).
  • Dependence.  Usually, the only freelancer, who was working on the project for you knows what he was doing for your website, and hiring a new one or an agency to dig into other person’s work will be more expensive and time-consuming than building it from scratch.


It is always an option to learn website building yourself. Yes, it will take time, usually from three to 12 months, and at the end, you will be spending time maintaining your website instead of developing your business. This option is usually perfect for the online business models, such as e-commerce, digital agencies, etc., where the website is the main platform for conducting business.


  • Almost free. You do not pay anyone; you do everything yourself.
  • You are in charge. You control everything and being responsible the website. Or at least you start to understand what is needed to be done.


  • Time-consuming. It will take a while for you to learn how to do things others have been doing for several years.
  • Technical and boring. The process of building and promoting a website may be considered boring by many business owners.

Site-building platforms

Using website building platforms like Wix, Squarespace and others may seem like very convenient option at first glance. These companies provide all the tools you need so you can start building a good-looking website without having much of that experience. This can be a game-changing option for a business that needs a quick and easy solution. Though it still requires an understanding of digital marketing, design and advanced computer skills to make a good website here.

The only problem is that such platforms have very smart pricing strategy, and in a long run, you may spend more money with them opposite to building website independently or you will have a limited website that would be less efficient. Moreover, if you use those platforms, you depend on them and do not really own your website, transition from them to another platform or CMS were made intentionally difficult.


  • Quick and Easy. You can build a website yourself without programming knowledge.
  • Relatively cheap. Prices start from $15 a month.


  • An extra cost to access more functions of the platform; you basically rent the website.
  • It requires a lot of time to create a beautiful well-designed website; the same as you’ve seen in their ads.

DigitalTO is the company offering a mix of the first and the second options.

  • We are small but reliable. And use a personal approach to help small companies improve their digital presence.
  • We create a good looking and efficient websites for very reasonable prices.
  • We provide marketing support to help your business grow, not only online.